Basic Rules

This section covers Acorn's basic rules. For more information about our rules, please scroll down to the "Advanced Information" section.

  1. Modifications which provide a gameplay advantage are not allowed. This rule includes but is not limited to relog scripts, x-ray, and fly/speed hacks.

  2. Keep chat respectful

    1. Repeating messages, repeating characters, unnecessary spaces, excessive capitals are all forms of spam

    2. No advertising other Minecraft servers, other Discord servers, streams, and YouTube channels.

    3. Do not talk about sensitive topics in global chat.

    4. Refrain from directing swears toward others or harassing anyone in other ways.

    5. Do not paste links to malicious or inappropriate content.

    6. Please speak English in global chat.

  3. Do not assist others in breaking our rules.

  4. Please inform a staff member if an exploit exists so it can be patched.

  5. Do not use alt accounts to evade restrictions on your main account, including bans and mutes.

  6. Do not build lag machines.

  7. Do not grief or steal.

  8. Traps and inappropriate builds are not allowed. Please build at least 100 blocks away from the nearest build.

  9. Use common sense and listen to staff.

Advanced Information

1. Clients

1.1 Mods

Modifications which give the player a gameplay advantage over other players are not allowed.

This rule does not apply to:

All other modifications/clients are banned.

1.2 Resource Packs

Resource packs that make the game more aesthetically pleasing are allowed. However, x-ray packs (resource packs that allow you to see through opaque blocks) are prohibited.

2. Chat

2.1 Spam

Messages which are similar to each other must be sent at least 5 minutes apart.

2.2 Repeating Characters

Unnecessarily repeating characters in a word is not allowed.

ex. Thisssssss would not be allowed.

2.3 Spacing

Unnecessarily spacing characters in a word is not allowed.

ex. This would not be a l l o w e d.

2.4 Capital Letters

Unnecessarily capitalizing letters is not allowed.


ex. tHiS wOuLd aLsO nOt bE aLlOwEd.

2.5 Mute Evasion

Evading a mute or a chat related ban by talking in the #global channel on Discord is not allowed. Evading a mute or chat related ban by speaking with an alternative account is also not allowed.

2.6 Advertising

Advertising another Minecraft server or websites relating to other Minecraft servers in the global chat is not allowed, nor is it allowed to mass advertise in direct messages. However, discussing other Minecraft servers is allowed, as is asking a few close friends in direct messages to join another server.

Advertising another minecraft server in your Discord username or your Discord status are not allowed.

Advertising Acorn on other Minecraft servers is also not allowed unless they explicitly allow it.

Advertising your Twitch or any other stream is allowed while playing on Acorn or if your channel is dedicated solely to Acorn.

You may advertise other Discord servers in global chat channels such as #global, #ads, and #general if and only if the Discord server is dedicated solely to Acorn.

2.7 Sensitive Topics

  • Do not talk about sensitive topics in global chat. Religion, politics, and topics unsuitable for younger players are examples of sensitive topics.

  • Discussing self-harm or other deeply negative experiences is not allowed. If you need help, Acorn is not the place to discuss this. The national suicide prevention lifeline can be reached by calling 1-800-273-8255 and provides confidential support for people in distress.

2.8 Toxicity

  • Swearing on Acorn is allowed, but can not be directed at another player.

  • Impersonating others is not allowed.

  • The use of offensive or disturbing language is not allowed.

  • Annoying others is not allowed. Bragging about "breaking the economy" is considered a form of annoying other players.

  • Forwarding chain messages in the Discord is not allowed.

  • Bullying, harassment, and name-calling are not allowed.

  • Hate Speech, discrimination in any form, such as negative comments related to skin color, race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion/beliefs, or other personal qualities are not allowed.

  • Leading or encouraging violence or hatred towards other players is not allowed.

  • Do not accuse other players of hacking in global chat. Do not joke about using hacks.

2.9 Doxxing

Sharing personal information and identities of others without their explicit permission is strictly forbidden. Personal information may include but is not limited to: real names, photos of players, phone numbers, home addresses, social networks, school/work location, family relations, and IP-addresses.

2.10 Links

Malicious links are not allowed, this includes but is not limited to viruses and IP loggers.

Links to sexual or extremely violent/disturbing content are not allowed.

2.11 Nicknames

Do not use explicit, sexual, racist or otherwise inappropriate nicknames. Do not change your nickname to be similar to that of another players' nickname.

2.12 Foreign Languages

When speaking on the global chat channel, you should stick to English only. You can use private messages for other languages.

2.13 Gibberish

Unintelligible gibberish is not allowed in global chat.

2.14 Auction House Naming

You may not sell items on the /auctionhouse for far greater than their market value. Doing so clutters the auction house and is considered a form of spam.

You may not sell renamed items that advertise an in-game warp or service on the /auctionhouse.

2.15 Weapon Naming

All chat rules apply to weapon naming. You may not give weapons controversial or spammy names.

3. Aiding and Abetting

Assisting other players in breaking any of the rules listed on this page is not allowed. Encouraging someone else to break a rule is also not allowed.

4. Exploits

Taking advantage of any server bugs or otherwise exploiting technical oversights is not allowed. You may not:

  • Duplicate items

  • Duplicate entities

  • Venture beyond the world border to raid structures

5. Alternative accounts

Alternative accounts are allowed. However, you are not allowed to use an alternative account to:

  • Evade a ban

  • Evade a mute

  • Evade a shopban

  • Sell to the server shop

  • Sell items on the /ah

6. Lag

Maliciously causing harm to our services through means such as DOS, DDOS are not allowed.

Intentionally lagging our server through means such as lag machines are not allowed.

Use resource intensive blocks such as redstone and hoppers sparingly.

7. Grief and Theft

Stealing from and raiding other players is not allowed, even if the land is unclaimed or appears abandoned.

You are allowed to raid naturally generated structures as long as no other player has built near or around it.

If your property has been griefed or robbed, make a ticket describing what was taken/destroyed and how long ago it happened. Do not try to build anything in that area until a staff member can come online and restore the area to its previous state.

Pranking through grief, theft, player traps, or other means is allowed only if the other player gives you explicit permission saying that you can prank them and how you can prank them.

Scamming is not allowed whatsoever. All involved parties must know the terms of any agreement.

8. Build Rules

  • Constructing buildings or pixel art that can be considered racist or sexually explicit or containing hate speech/symbols is not allowed.

  • Trapping players by, for instance, setting up a sealed off nether portal is not allowed.

  • Building death traps is not allowed.

  • In all survival worlds, your build must be at least 100 blocks away (Chebyshev distance) from the closest building. If you expand into someone else's radius, you must either work it out with the other player or come to staff for help mediating. If you don't see any builds around and you and you think you might be 100 blocks away from the nearest build, you are allowed to build there. This distance is reduced to 10 blocks on mushroom islands.

  • In the creative world, your build must be at least 16 blocks away (Chebyshev distance) from the closest building.

  • Claim blocking is the act of deliberately placing claims near someone else's build to block its expansion. This includes placing a new town next to another with the intent of blocking their expansion. Claim blocking is not allowed.

  • Artmaps may not contain sensitive content.

  • If you are standing near or in someone else's claim and they ask you to leave, you must leave.

9. PvP

There are designated PVP arenas around the map including /warp PVP. You also have the option to toggle PVP if you'd like.

  • Do not force other players to equip items with Curse of Binding.

10. Warp Naming

  • Warp names can not begin with a prefix for the purpose of moving it up in the /warp list.

  • Warps can not be named in a spammy way.

  • Warp names can not include offensive language or swear words.

11. Common Sense

Use common sense. If a staff member says something, then treat it as a rule. If a staff member instructs you to end a conversation, you must end it regardless of its controversiality.