Zombie (0 votes)

  • The starting rank on Acorn

  • Use /warps to see a list of server warps. Use /warp [warp name] to teleport to them

  • Use /tpa to teleport to other players and /tpahere to teleport other players to you

  • Create your own warp with /iwarp create [warp name] [number of days]. Each day costs $250

  • Earn $5 per chat message

  • Create your own chest shops. Click here for a tutorial

  • Open common and rare crates. Earn crate keys with /vote

  • 1 home. Set your home with /sethome

Husk (10 votes)

  • Set 2 homes with /sethome [name]

Drowned (25 votes)

  • Set claimflags with /setclaimflag and remove them with /unclaimflag

  • Prevent other players from triggering raids in your claim with /setclaimflag raidmemberonly

Skeleton (50 votes)

  • 3 homes

  • Prevent chorus fruit from being eaten in your claim with /setclaimflag nochorusfruit

  • Prevent ender pearls from being used in your claim with /setclaimflag noenderpearl

  • Stop plants from growing and blocks from spreading with /setclaimflag nogrowth

  • Prevent leaves from decaying with /setclaimflag noleafdecay

  • Stop vines from growing with /setclaimflag novinegrowth

Stray (100 votes)

  • Set an entrance message that people will receive upon entering your claim with /setclaimflag entermessage

  • Prevent ice formation in your claim with /setclaimflag noiceform

  • Set a specific location for people who die in your claim to respawn with /setclaimflag respawnlocation

Spider (250 votes)

  • 4 homes

  • Create warp signs

  • Set an exit message to be displayed when people leave your claim with /setclaimflag exitmessage

  • Prevent people from using /fly in your claim with /setclaimflag noflight

  • Prevent snow formation with /setclaimflag nosnowform

  • Prevent vehicle placement in your claim with /setclaimflag novehicle

Creeper (500 votes)

  • List 2 items on the auction house.

  • Prevent XP loss on death with /setclaimflag keeplevel.

  • Turn your claim into a spleef arena with /setclaimflag spleefarena.

Phantom (1000 votes)

  • 5 homes

  • Regenerate health in your claim with /setclaimflag healthregen

  • Block specific players from entering your claim with /setclaimflag noenterplayer [name]

  • Make explosions harmless in your claim with /setclaimflag noexplosiondamage

  • Prevent fluids from flowing in your claim with /setclaimflag nofluidflow

  • Set a specific time in your claims with /setclaimflag playertime

  • Set specific weather conditions in your claim with /setclaimflag playerweather

Wither (2000 votes)

  • List 3 items on the /auctionhouse

  • Grant infinite arrows in your claim with /setclaimflag infinitearrows

  • Prevent all players from entering your claim with /setclaimflag noplayer

  • Grant keepinventory to all players in your claim with /setclaimflag keepinventory

  • Prevent fall damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nofalldamage

  • Prevent fire damage in your claim with /setclaimflag nofiredamage

  • Prevent hunger in your claim with /setclaimflag nohunger

  • Prevent hostile mobs spawns with /setclaimflag nomobspawns