Items required:

  • Golden shovel

You can obtain a golden shovel by crafting one or by voting four times.

  • Claim blocks

You start with 500 claim blocks. You can gain more by voting or purchasing them with /buyclaimblocks.

Creating a Claim

Step 1

Hold the golden shovel in your hand. Right click one corner of the area that you want to claim. Then, travel to the opposite corner of the claim.

Step 2

Right click the opposite corner of the claim

Step 3

A claim should generate as soon as you right click the opposite corner. A proper claim will be marked by glowstone and gold. If the claim is not marked by glowstone and gold, a reason for its failure will appear in chat.

Additional Information

To list your claims and view your claim blocks, type /claimslist.

To remove a claim, stand in the claim and type /abandonclaim.

There are four tiers of permissions for claims. The higher tiers inherit all of the permissions of the lower tiers:

  1. /accesstrust [name] allows the player to interact with redstone devices and kill hostile mobs.

  2. /containertrust [name] allows the player to interact with chests and other containers. The player will also be able to interact with and kill friendly mobs.

  3. /trust [name] allows the player to break and place blocks in the claim.

  4. /permissiontrust [name] alows the player to trust other players in that claim.

To remove a player's permissions from your claim, type /untrust [name].

You can replace [name] with all to give all players permissions in your claim.