Why choose Acorn?

Friendly Staff

We make sure that our staff have played on the server for a long time so that they are knowledgeable. Only the very best are selected.

Quick Updates

Acorn is always one of the first servers to update to the newest version of Minecraft. We updated to 1.15 on the day of its release.

Active Community

We have an active community who is always willing to help out. Click here to join us on Discord.

Anti Grief

With our grief and theft prevention tools, we ensure that all players can have fun on Acorn without the fear of losing their builds. To see all of our rules, click here

Player-Driven Economy

On Acorn, we let players create their own shops and sell their items for their own price.


Acorn is a survival server with minimal plugins to allow for an enjoyable multiplayer experience.  We're sponsored by Birdflop to ensure experiences are lag-free

What do our players say?